Who We Are

City Center Gallery & Books is the only bookstore in Historic Downtown Fayetteville. There are thousands of books in the store, and with access to used book stores all over the country, we can find just about any book you want.

We also have a selection of art by local artists, including Bob Rector, Johnny Horne, Cindy Burnham, and Caroline Merino Morrozoff. Their paintings, postcards, and photographs show Fayetteville from a point of view that only a local artist can.

City Center Gallery & Books participates in 4th Fridays, A Dickens Holiday, and numerous other Downtown Events. We also host events of our own and nearly every month you will have the opportunity to meet an artist or author.

Meet the team

We are the ones that can help you find that perfect midnight read.

Laura Laycock Store Manager

Yes, I’m a Fayetteville native; born and raised here in our great city and surrounding community. It is my love of literature, art, history and music that have kept me here in Fayetteville. I love the beauty of our community, its people and hospitality. Many of the things that appeal to me about our city and community; I’m able to share with friends, family and the multitude of customers through my work at the City Center Gallery and Books. For the past ten years I have enjoyed and delighted in the day-to-day contacts with some of the most interesting customers—local and out-of-town visitors. Whether it’s an old classical book, a new release or the latest CD by a performing artist, I’m always thrilled by helping our customers satisfy their search for books, CDs and art work. Oh, then of course, there are the holiday seasons, 4th Fridays, Lafayette celebrations, A Dickens Holiday, Dogwood Festival and carriage rides that make my service to our customers one continuous joy throughout the year. There’s much to see and I hope to see you, your friends and family.

Liz Testa-Vasser

My name is Liz Testa-Vasser. I am originally from New York, but Fayetteville has been my home since late 1997. I have been active in the community since then. People often ask, "Where have I seen you before?" The answer could be anything from The Cape Fear Regional Theatre, Arts Council, Fayetteville Museum of Art, Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra box office, or the Cameo Art House Theatre, to any number of events and festivals. I love being part of things that enhance the quality of life here in Fayetteville, and I am excited to be a member of the team here at City Center Gallery& Books!

Matt Parfitt

I help out at the bookstore whenever I am in town. It's a great place to work and talk to all the customers about books. When I'm not in town, I'm out scouring the library book sales and garage sales for all those books our customers want. Also, if I'm at the bookstore I will stay open until the last customer has found their next favorite book to read! Come by and let us help you find it.

Joanna Nunez

My name is Joanna Nunez and I fill in at the bookstore whenever Laura or Liz need a day off. My mom was a librarian, so I grew up around books and love the smell of them --I know I’m not the only one! Drop in for a chat whenever you are downtown. I adore reading, and can recommend something and help you find the perfect read in whatever genre you prefer!

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